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Techno Fresh Consultancy

Techno Fresh Consultancy is a ‘Fresh Produce’ service company that has built a reputation for commitment to quality of service, reliability and professionalism.

Established in 1998, we quickly found a niche in the marketplace, offering Produce Technologists capable of undertaking surveys, quality inspections and technical management designed specifically to our clients’ requirements.

By 2009, we have established a geographically broad customer base, with 90% of our clients being located overseas. Moreover, the majority of our new clients are being generated as a result of word of mouth recommendations, providing Techno Fresh Consultancy with a truly international reputation for providing a high quality and reliable service.

Top News

Fruit Logistica 2018
Richard Gaskin will be attending the 2018 Fruit Logistica in Berlin from the 7th to 9th February
If anyone would like to meet can they please contact him by mobile or whattsapp 00447979646029

ISO9001 Accreditation
Techno Fresh NL has achieved its ISO9001 accreditation following the Techno Fresh Groups audit by SAI Global on 1st and 2nd September 2014
Going forward all the Techno Fresh Groups offices in Mexico and China will follow those in the UK and NL with full accreditation.

Citrus Black Spot
There has been further measures introduced by the European commission (422/2014) for the prevention of Citrus Black Spot spreading in the EU from fruit originating From South Africa. See the links for further information Official Journal of the EU L 196. Valencia oranges arriving in the EU as of 24 July 2014 will have to comply with the new requirements of latent testing put in place in South Africa.

Identification of Bodily Fluids in fresh produce consignments
Techno Fresh has invested in CSI technology and can now identify pallets that have been contaminated with bodily fluids, following stowaways breaking into lorries while passing through the channel ports.
The system identifies urine, saliva and blood giving receivers the opportunity to use loads which they previously would have to had to reject, or reinforcing a claim to insurers when there is clear evidence of contamination.

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