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Techno Fresh Consultancy is able to carry out detailed loss assessment and independent surveys on any fresh produce commodity. We only survey fresh produce such as deciduous and citrus fruit, bananas, vegetables and salads.

Types of Survey

Discharge Supervision Survey
We can be present during a discharge operation, recording any damage and reacting to problems to reduce any loss as early as possible and issuing protests on the client’s behalf.

Condition Conformation Survey
We can inspect and confirm the condition of any fresh produce consignment on arrival within the UK ports, or at the receiver’s, or consignee’s establishment.

Loss Survey
When a consignment arrives with a problem, be it pathological, physical or chemical, Techno Fresh Consultancy can issue a concise report and recommend further action to be taken (if required) in order to reduce any loss. An initial interim report will be issued within 48hours of the survey, with the full report being available within seven days. Reports are supplied in PDF format and hard copy, if required.

All reports are provided including digital photographs.